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Living open source foundation mission

The Living Open Source Foundation is dedicated to stimulating the growth of local economies by empowering individuals to become experts in Open Source Software. Open Source software, which is free to use, access, modify, and contribute to, serves humanity by not discriminating against any race, religion, or gender, and is not tailored for the benefit of Fortune 500 shareholders. It is designed to benefit humanity as a whole, enabling local economies and individuals to thrive.

Past Achievements

The Living Open Source Foundation’s three-step approach began with large-scale on-site events aimed at educating people about the basics of open-source technology and establishing local communities to perpetuate these efforts.

Lusaka, Zambia

Our first event was held in Lusaka, Zambia, from December 17th to 19th, 2018. Over 200 participants were educated, and a local Living Open Source community was created.

Train-the-Trainer Event, Zambia

In 2019, we held a Train-the-Trainer event aimed at equipping local educators with the skills and knowledge needed to continue teaching open-source software. This initiative empowered local trainers to carry forward the mission of the Living Open Source Foundation, ensuring sustainability and long-term impact.

Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya

In July 2019, the Living Open Source Foundation organized its first event in Nairobi, Kenya, where more than 100 students learned the foundations of Linux. Later that year, another event in Mombasa took place. These initial events laid the groundwork for a robust local community committed to open-source principles.

Blantyre, Malawi

From December 11th to 13th, 2019, another event was held in Malawi, attracting over 300 people from the corporate sector and students in the fields of computer information systems and engineering. The event’s success was evident, as participants remained engaged throughout all three days. A significant achievement was the establishment of the Linux Community in Malawi, giving us hope that our efforts will continue to benefit many more in the future.

Rwanda, Ethiopia and Neighboring Countries

Follow-up events were organized in Rwanda, Ethiopia, and other neighboring countries, but due to COVID-19, they were rescheduled for the future.

What Next

Establishing Local Knowledge Centers

The final step in the Living Open Source Foundation’s approach is the creation of local knowledge centers. These centers aim to provide free and affordable education to local inhabitants, ensuring that training remains accessible to anyone motivated to learn. Instead of charging exorbitant fees, these centers will offer fair and reasonable pricing to democratize access to Open Source education as well as serve as local pools of skilled Open Source expert s in every country.

2024 Program Launch

In 2024, the Living Open Source Foundation will launch a comprehensive one-year program primarily focusing on Zambia. This program with full details.


The Living Open Source Foundation has made significant strides in promoting open-source software education across Africa. From large-scale introductory events to advanced certification programs, the foundation has built a strong foundation for future growth. Despite the setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization remains committed to its mission. The 2024 program marks a new chapter, with a structured approach to nurturing local talent and fostering grassroots education.

As the Living Open Source Foundation moves forward with its plans to establish local knowledge centers, it is poised to create a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem that empowers individuals and local economies through the power of Open Source software.

How can the Living Open Source Foundation ensure the long-term sustainability and impact of these initiatives in the diverse contexts of African countries?

Please keep an eye out for an answer to the question above in the next article.

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