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Santos Venter Chibenga
Community Lead

Certified professional with Red Hat and the Linux Foundation, and an open source enthusiast with extensive systems engineering expertise. He leads and nurtures local Linux communities in Zambia and neighboring countries, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. Santos focuses on creating and promoting open-source communities across Africa. He is known for his teamwork, leadership, and dedication to the sustainability of open source initiatives as a way of giving back to the community.

Sander Van Vugt

I co-founded the Living Open Source Foundation with Santos in 2018 to give back to the open-source community. Our foundation offers my courseware for free to ensure everyone can get certified in open-source technologies, regardless of their financial situation. Beyond providing knowledge, I inspire and motivate people to excel in open source. I proudly serve as the Self Appointed Benevolent Dictator for Live (SABDFL), ensuring the foundation's positive impact.

Pieter Izeboud
Community Manager

Pieter Izeboud, a leader in ICT and open source, has been guiding ITGilde since 2014, supporting freelancer growth through consultancy and training. As chairman of ITGilde Broodfonds since 2017, he aids freelancers in need. Co-founding the Living Open Source Foundation in Zambia in 2018, he offers free training to boost local economies. Pieter's leadership in KNVI and roles in community sports clubs highlight his dedication to community engagement. With a background in Personnel & Management and multiple certifications, he excels in mentoring and empowering communities through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Bill Sangiwa

Bill Sangiwa has over three decades of senior management experience and expertise in IT systems, IP network design, and carrier-grade networks. A passionate open source advocate and Linux Foundation Certified professional, he is dedicated to building tech communities in Africa. Bill designs robust network infrastructures and promotes open-source technologies. Actively involved in community initiatives, he mentors young professionals and organizes workshops to inspire innovation across the continent.

Robert Kimani
Community Lead

Robert is a dedicated Linux enthusiast and advocate for open source technology. Transitioning into a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) role, he is pursuing certification as a Red Hat Certified Architect - Infrastructure path. Robert serves as the Country Lead for Living Open Source University - Kenya and is also the Sales Manager for Living Open Source Organization. In his leisure time, he enjoys hiking and mountain biking. His commitment to professional development and community involvement highlights his belief in the transformative power of technology.

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