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Why Living open source?

Our mission is to foster the growth and use of the Open Source Software in Africa!

Open source is about freedom of thoughts. It’s also about knowledge sharing. Linux is open source, and has become the leading computer operating system. Kubernetes is open source, and has become the leading platform for running applications in the cloud. Behind these is knowledge. Knowledge has been open source for thousands of years in the history of humanity. Free knowledge allows for the progress of mankind, no matter where, no matter who. That is why Living Open Source University provides structured education in Open Source technology for free.

What We Do


Stimulates Local Economies

By developing local Open Source expertise, we enable communities to save money on software and invest in other critical areas like infrastructure, education, and healthcare. This helps to stimulate economic growth and create sustainable development opportunities.


Inclusive Software

Open Source software does not discriminate and provides equal opportunities for everyone. It allows individuals from all backgrounds to contribute, learn, and grow, thereby promoting inclusivity and diversity in the tech community.


Guided Training Process

We follow a structured three-step approach to training. Starting with basic education at large events, we move on to more advanced certification for experienced participants, and finally, we establish local knowledge centers to provide ongoing, affordable training.


Community Building

We establish local communities through on-site events where we teach the basics of Open Source software. These events help create a network of local enthusiasts and professionals who continue to meet and grow together, ensuring sustained development and support.


International Collaboration

We partner with international organizations like ITGilde to bring global expertise to local communities. This collaboration enhances our training programs and ensures that local talent can participate in the worldwide Open Source ecosystem on an equal footing.


Open Source Consultation

Our local knowledge centers serve as one-stop shops for all things Open Source. They offer consulting services to local enterprises, governments, and non-profit organizations, helping them transition to and benefit from Open Source solutions.


In May 2018, Linux trainer and author Sander Van Vugt penned an article that began with, “Open Source has been good to me. I want to be good for Open Source as well.” In this piece, he extended an offer of help and support to one individual aspiring to obtain a Linux certification—someone who might otherwise never have the opportunity to launch a career in open source and make a difference in their local community.

Little did anyone know that this gesture would spark the creation of an open-source community that would touch countless lives in a short period.

Following Sander’s offer, scholarship winner Santos Venter Chibenga connected with him, leading to the birth of the “Living Open Source Project” in Zambia.

Later that year, a three-day event titled “Make Zambia Open Source” took place. Nearly 200 students participated, learning about open source solutions, exploring career opportunities, and mastering Linux in preparation for certification.

The story didn’t end there. In 2019, another significant event, a “Train the Trainer” program, was held in Zambia. Invitations from other countries soon followed, eager to introduce and nurture open-source communities of their own.

Today, Living Open Source is a dynamic and growing movement, continuously expanding its reach and impact.

Sander Van Vugt

Impact Stories

Jane’s Been A Migrant Worker Since She Was Just 12
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A Brighter Future — For Cambodia’s Children
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In some parts of the world the government provides high quality education for low or no cost. In other parts of the world, good quality education is not available for all. These are the areas that Living Open Source University focussed on. For practical reasons, the primary focus is on African countries, but we specifically don’t want to exclude any country where good quality education is not available for low or no cost.


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